3 Reasons Why Film Photography is Back in Vogue

Portrait On Kodak TriX400.jpg

We love to embrace NEW technology. Newer, cheaper, bigger, better! So why would anyone be drawn to the old art of film photography?

1. Not Everybody Is Doing It. 

In the past 15 years or so, the nature of photography has changed dramatically. Cheaper and higher quality cameras (and iPhones) have made it really easy to be a picture taker. For those who have a tendency to resist the status quo, using film as a photography medium has become a way to stand apart from the crowd. 

2. What Goes Around Comes Around. 

Just like fashion, everything is cyclical. Analog products are cool again. Urban Outfitters sells cassette players and record players! Instant film cameras like Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax are popular gifts. Entire companies are dedicated to creating digital filters that look "just like film". Besides, millennials love to claim retro items as their own, and film is quickly being reclaimed by those who were born on the dawn of the digital age. 

3. Quality Over Quantity

Digital images are free to create. The novelty of digital means that we take entirely WAY too many photos, only to clog up our hard drives with useless images that we never take the time to sort through and get rid of. Film is not free. Having to pay for film makes us more mindful of what we photograph, and how we photograph it. "Mindfulness" is also very in right now, so shooting film is a natural fit for those who want to pay more attention to the little things in life. Plus, the image quality of film is still far beyond what most digital cameras can do these days. Unless you're willing to spend at least $10,000 on a medium format digital camera, that is. 

Film is making a comeback. Don't be surprised if your family photographer starts shooting your Christmas card photo on film in the next year or two. If you want to be photographed on film, contact me for information about booking your film portrait session!