Selfies with Martha Stewart

On what seemed like the coldest day of the year in New York City, I walked down the long city block to the entrance of a giant office building. I met Giovanni, an Expert from a company called Enjoy, in the downstairs lobby. As we walked down the window-lined hallway to Martha Stewart's office, all I could think was "this would make a FANTASTIC photo studio!"

Enjoy is a tech retailer that offers personal delivery and an hour long setup appointment with every product they sell. Products are hand delivered by an Expert who walks you through the setup of your new tech gear, along with tips on how to use it. They sell iPhones, cameras, drones, electronic skateboards, home sound systems, and more of the coolest tech products out there. 

On this visit, Giovanni was helping Martha set up her new Canon EOS M3 camera. You can read more about the visit on Martha's blog

I really should have Martha help me decorate my studio...her taste is impeccable.