When Toddler Meets Drums

His little feet dangled off the tall stool as he slammed the drumsticks around in delight. Moments before, his parents performed a grand reveal of the biggest present in the room: his own drum set! Once the sheet was raised to reveal his new instrument, he immediately started banging his hand on the tom tom. The whole room oooh'd and awwww'd in celebration with him. 

It was basically the cutest thing ever. 


This was the grand finale of Hudson's 2nd birthday party. All of the guests watched on in amazement at how quickly he took to playing. What a talented kid!

It was at the last minute that I decided to bring my film camera along that day. "It's just a kid's birthday party", I thought. It had been months since I photographed anyone (more on that in a blog post to come), so I was kinda out of practice. But hey, what better low-pressure environment to get my feet wet again? So, I loaded some film and start documenting.


I photographed the party, took the roll of film out, and sat it on my closet shelf for about two months. Only this week did I finally have enough rolls of film to justify (to myself) making a trip to the lab and having it developed. When I finally uploaded the scans to my computer, I saw his little face eating his cake and squealed with joy at how well I thought the images came out! 

I thought to myself, "WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN DOING MORE OF THIS?!"

Well, lots of reasons (again, that's a whole other blog post). But the point is, I'm back at it now. I've been doing a few more shoots lately, and falling in love with photography all over again. It's a beautiful thing, coming back to your passion with a renewed sense of curiosity and excitement.

So, here's to a summer full of photo shoots, parties, and film film film film film! 

Shoutout to Rob and Rachel for throwing the most amazing 2 year old's birthday party I've ever been to! ;-)