Word For The Year 2017

As I sat at my desk, realizing that it was January 1st again, I remembered that I hadn't chosen my word for 2017. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of choosing one word to set your intention for the year instead of making a resolution (or 5). 

"What was my word for 2016?" I asked to an empty room. My cat was there I guess, but he's deaf so he couldn't hear my question. I sat for a moment, trying to remember. Surely it's a bad sign if you can't even remember the word you chose last year. It's supposed to be your guiding light and stuff, right? "Ok, I probably posted about it on Instagram." After about 20 seconds of painfully slow scrolling through my feed, I found it! My word for 2016 was Invigorate. "Oh."

As I scanned through the past year in my mind, I stopped on a memory of my big hiking trip in Idaho this summer. That was invigorating! I suppose I did have a pretty invigorating year. A cross-country move, multiple hiking/camping trips, a new tattoo, a complete diet overhaul and health reboot via Whole30, and a newfound love of film photography. Not bad. Even if I didn't remember my word and think about it, I realized that I had set that intention at the beginning of the year and it definitely came to life, without me even noticing it. 

So, for 2017, I'm going to take it a step further and commit my word to memory. This year I chose the word "Flourish". It's fun to say aloud, and it's inspiring. In life and in business, this year I want to expand beyond current capabilities and develop rapidly and successfully. 

In an attempt to keep my word from disappearing into the black hole of my mind, I decided to get it stamped on a necklace as a reminder. 

I found this style on Etsy from a store called  Felicity And Bliss .

I found this style on Etsy from a store called Felicity And Bliss.

Hooray! Now I have my word will me all the time, reminding me to step outside the boundaries I've created for myself and into a new and prosperous adventure. 

Have you ever chosen a Word for the Year? Please share it below in the comments. I would love to hear your words!